Friday, August 14, 2009

Original Evening Walk offers you a glimpse into Florentine life, past and present, and treats you to a tasting of wine, olive oil & balsamic vinegar!

TripAdvisor ArtViva Review:

"We went on "The Original Evening Walk" in Florence and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Heather was our guide, an American who had been studying art restoration in Florence. She seemed to know everything, and her enthusiasm was contagious. My sister and I are now both anxious to read all all about the Medici's.

This tour is limited to between two to eight participants, however, we were the only two that night for the tour. We learned more in those two hours than the rest of the week put together!

We loved learning about the little details of the architecture that you would normally miss. And the best part was the second hour that is spent in an upscale wineshop in a back room for the tasting.

The wineshop provided us with several types of olive oil, balsamic vinegar (including the 20 year aged cherry variety), chocolate, vin santo, chianti and grappa. We spent more than an hour talking about the history and use of each.

We didn't call to book the tour until that morning (in March) from the hotel, and they booked the tour for us. And when it started hailing in the middle of the tour, Heather offered us her umbrella. What a classy operation!"

March 26, 2009

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