Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Madonna of the Gold Finch by Raphael to be Returned to the Uffizi Gallery

Madonna of the Gold Finch Returns to the Uffizi Gallery

The Renaissance masterpiece Madonna of the Goldfinch, by Raphael, is finally ready after 10 years of painstaking restoration.
The 107-centimetre by 77-centimetre oil-on-wood work, known in Italian as the Madonna del Cardellino, portrays Jesus Christ's mother Mary with two children caressing a goldfinch.
The children symbolize a young Christ and John the Baptist while the bird, feeding among thorns, is interpreted as representing Christ's future suffering.
The restored painting has been transformed from its faded and dour colours, more green and brown, to its original glory — a vivid blue sky and an equally bright blue dress on the Madonna.
Meticulous restoration has removed centuries of film and grime.
Raphael, who died in 1520, painted the panel as a gift for the wedding of Lorenzo Nasi, a wool merchant.
The work was broken into 17 pieces when the Nasi house collapsed in 1547. Another artist used nails to put it together again and also repainted the piece to conceal the breaks.
It later became part of the collection of Florence's powerful Medici family, who also commissioned several repairs to the painting.
"I think I probably know this painting almost better than Raphael," chief restorer Patrizia Riitano said.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Telegraph March 20 2009 Guides in Florence, Masterpieces of the Uffizi gallery Tour

The Telegraph 20 March 2009

Guides in Florence

Michele Lester from London writes
We are travelling with a couple of friends to Florence next month. It is our first time in the city and we would like to employ a guide to show us around the Uffizi Gallery (above) as I understand it's a bit of a scrum. Any ideas?

I can personally recommend Artviva (00 39 ...,, which employs art history experts (all native English speakers) who use humour and anecdotes to explain the background to the gallery's most famous works.

You can join a three-hour guided tour for up to 14 people, which costs €25 (£23) each including entry charge, or hire a private guide for your party of four for €76 each. Artviva also offers excellent walking tours of central Florence, similar guided visits to other galleries in the city and "exclusive experiences" including an irreverent look at the city's history with a count from one of Florence's oldest families followed by drinks at his palazzo on the River Arno. The three-hour tour costs about £450 for up to five people.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Italy Tour Review-Highlights of Our Venice in One Glorious Day Offer

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The Original Best of Tuscany Tour Review

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My Prestigious Original and Best Artviva Gondola Tour Venice Italy

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The Original Best of Tuscany Tour Review, Italy Tours

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Artviva The Original and Best Tours Italy-For Kids?

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