Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rome in One Glorious Day

Artviva Walking Tours has been praised for its successful, small group tours that are based in Florence, Italy. This year, because of high demand, they’ve expanded their public tour sector to include tours in Venice as well as Rome.

Enjoy famous sites and learn the amazing history of the Eternal City on the Original Rome Walk. This 3.5 hour tour visits such sites as: the Coliseum, the Arch of Constantine, Via Sacra, Arch of Titus, the Trevi Fountain, Ponte Sant’Angelo, and much, much more. ArtViva’s expert guides make history come alive and give entertaining and informative tours that will leave clients with memories to last a lifetime.

If clients wish to partecipate in Rome in One Glorious Day, the next stop after the Original Rome Walk is the Vatican Tour. Masterpieces of the Vatican and St.Peters is the 3.5 hour tour that takes you to the world famous collection of masterpieces that are centuries old. Highlights include: The Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo’s Dome, the Chiaramonti Collection, Stanza Rotonda, Raphael Rooms, Bramante’s Triple Gallery and more.

The Original Rome Walk and Masterpieces of the Vatican cost 50Euros each. If clients choose to participate in both Rome tours, we offer a special discount with the total package of Rome in One Glorious Day costing 90Euro. For a detailed list of all the famous sites visited on the tours, please visit ArtViva online.

All of ArtViva’s public Rome tours can also be taken as private tours for a more personal, enriching experience. Clients are encouraged to experience a private tour with their family or close friends while one of ArtViva’s renowned guides will regale them not only with Rome’s fascinating history, but also with stories and anecdotes not found in
history books at home.

ArtViva Walking Tours has been around for years- and they are all over the place. From Rick Steve's to Lonely Planet, to internet sites such as TripAdvisor, ArtViva tours are constantly being talked about. They are proud of providing excellent customer service, and offering entertaining, informative and fun tours, that leave a lasting impression. ArtViva- The Best and Original. For more information on Rome in One Glorious Day, please visit: http://www.italy.artviva.com/ or email us at: staff@artviva.com

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fireworks and Feasting, Venetian-Style

Come join us in Venice July 20-21 for the historic Festa del Redentore, held every year since 1577.The festival offers Venetians the opportunity to remember and give thanks for surviving the Plague of 1575-77, when over 50,000 people (almost a third of the population) were struck down. Venice pledged to build the church of the Redeemer if the city was saved from the Pest.

After the scourge had passed, the famed architect Palladio built the Church of the Redeemer on the island of Giudecca. Every year since, a temporary bridge has been built to span the Guidecca Canal and permit Venetians to attend thanksgiving mass at the basilica.Venetians use this occasion to throw a weekend-long party. It all starts Saturday evening at 19:00 when the bridge is officially opened and Venetians arrive in St. Mark's Basin in their boats to await fireworks at 23:30.

Everyone decorates their boats with brightly colored lights, sings, and feasts on traditional dishes while onboard. Those without a boat of their own can sit on the fondamentas and watch the spectacle from dry land. Make sure you arrive early to find a good view of the Basin!

After the fireworks, head to Blue Moon Beach on the Lido where there will be live music until dawn, with breakfast being served to all still awake at 6:00.Take advantage of the bridge on Sunday to attend one of the many masses held at the church, and then find a good perch canalside, because starting at 16:00 you can cheer on men, women, and children as they compete in the Regata del Redentore. Brightly colored racing gondolas rowed "Venetian-style" (standing up) vy to see who will cross the finish line first!

Finish the weekend with a mass at the church of the Redentore at 19:00, celebrated by Cardinal Patriarch Angelo Scola.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Private Tours and Unforgettable Experiences: Only with ArtViva

Artviva is well known throughout Italy for offering high-quality, smaller group scheduled tours. Our tours are only conducted in English and entertain as much as they inform. We have been featured on BBC World, The History Channel, Time Magazine, as well as recommended and praised by our clients- and celebrities- from all around the globe. Although ArtViva specializes in small public tours, our exclusive, one-of-a-kind private tours offer a different, more exclusive experience that will leave memories of your trip to the Bel Paese lasting a lifetime.

All of our public tours can be taken as private tours for a more personal, enriching experience. Why not experience a private tour with your family and one of our renowned guides who will regale you not only with Florence’s fascinating history, but also with stories and anecdotes not found in your history books at home?

Because ArtViva recognizes the needs of the affluent traveler, just as much as we recognize the budgeted needs of the travelling student, we now offer tours that go above and beyond your typical walk through the city.

Imagine a tour of the Uffizi with Maurizo Seracini, an art detective who was mentioned in the DaVinci Code. Or your very own private course in painting, cooking, gilding or wine tasting, taught to you by an authentic Italian expert in the field? Imagine having supper in a private palace with your closest friends and Italian aristocrat, or learning the step-by-step writing process from a best selling author who lives in Italy and writes about her experiences here. The world is at your fingertips through ArtViva experiences, all you have to do is ask.

ArtViva Walking Tours has been around for years- and we're all over the place. From Rick Steve's to Lonely Planet, to internet sites such as TripAdvisor, our tours are constantly being talked about. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, entertaining, informative and fun tours, that leave a lasting impression on all of our clients and create memories that last a lifetime.

For more information on our Private and personalized Tours please visit us online or email us at: privatetours@artviva.com

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Everybody's Talking...

ArtViva Walking Tours has been around for years- and we're all over the place. From Rick Steve's to Lonely Planet, to internet sites such as TripAdvisor, our tours are constantly being talked about. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, entertaining, informative and fun tours. We care about what our customers think and feedback is essential to us so that we may keep our clients satisfied and coming back for more tours. If you have any questions or would like to give us feedback, don't hesitate to contact us- we welcome any comments or suggestions.

Here's what they've been saying so far...

Original Florence Walk:
The Florence Walking Tour came alive with your tour guide. We had a private tour later on in the day (with another agency) and it was nowhere as good or as factual!

Outstanding presentation with excellent knowledge…most importantly a great sense of humor. The best tour I’ve been on…lot’s of fun.

Very good manner, the right mix of information and history without being overwhelming.

Excellent Job! Clear, precise, informative in her presentation with just the right details! Excellent tour! True taste of Florence, History and Culture!
Excellent. The guide was extremely knowledgeable, entertaining and funny. She brought Florence to life for us. We wish she was leading our tour tomorrow but we trust the new guide will be fabulous as well.

We were taken on two tours: the Uffizi and the Academia. Our guide had a dynamic way of selecting a set of the most interesting pieces and bringing them to life with stories about their history. We were happy to have her for both tours. The tour was great- about the right length for a person with general interest. The audio devices were excellent.

Mornings in Tuscany:
The best! Our guide was funny, helpful, intelligent- charming and handsome!!

A wonderful chance to sample the Tuscan countryside for those of us travelling without a car! Enjoyed the walk, the villa was beautiful and the meal very nice. Our guide was exuberant and entertaining, knowledgeable and fun. We have really enjoyed all the tours so far- keep it up!

I don’t think you could have a better guide than ours! Mornings in Tuscany was everything I hoped it would be. A lovely walk and lunch. I hope to do it again sometime!

Excellent. Thoughtful, entertaining, well informed and good company! The tour was the right length, enough exercise, enough culture!

Excellent tour! I would do it again and recommend it to others! The food-wine tasting was the most enjoyable!

Fantastic! Our guide was excellent! Kept spirits up despite a little bit of rain. The tour was lovely and relaxing, well placed, and a good lunch included!

Taste of Tuscany:
Thoroughly enjoyable and worth the money. Wish I was here to do another one!

Best of Tuscany:
We had a very fun guide! Very informative, Great Suggestions!
A wonderful day- high point was San Gimignano and The Farm. We had a fabulous guide- taught us so much! Wonderful, perfecto!

Our guide was very a joy and pleasant. Very knowledgeable about the area and not a single question he could not answer. Thank you so much. Loved the tour, the winery, the cities.

Our guide was excellent, informed, friendly and very accommodating to individual needs. Once the bus came to pick us up it was fabulous- what amazing towns! We will tell our travel agent to continue recommending this tour and your agency!
Fantastic! Our guide was very knowledgeable about area and historic significance- will book with him again on my return.

We had a fantastic time on the morning walking tour! The meal was second to none. Our guide was a great guide and very knowledgeable. Thank you very much!
Great experience. Relaxing and fun, one of the most enjoyable moments in Florence by far. Guide was knowledgeable and friendly, very conscientious of our safety.

Masterpieces of the Uffizi:
Great Job! Articulate and informative! Passionate…the best guide yet!
The two tours (Original David and Uffizi Tour) were well worth the cost. They provided enough depth to let me learn and see the highlights in very large museums. Otherwise, it would have been truly exhausting & overwhelming as a first time visitor. I would highly recommend your tour to others.

Our tour guide was outstanding. Very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and entertaining. She made the art come alive and brought enough background of the art history and knowledge of the artist to make it extremely fabulous! I can’t think of any way to make it better. Exceptionally well organized and the headsets worked well.