Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rome in One Glorious Day

Artviva Walking Tours has been praised for its successful, small group tours that are based in Florence, Italy. This year, because of high demand, they’ve expanded their public tour sector to include tours in Venice as well as Rome.

Enjoy famous sites and learn the amazing history of the Eternal City on the Original Rome Walk. This 3.5 hour tour visits such sites as: the Coliseum, the Arch of Constantine, Via Sacra, Arch of Titus, the Trevi Fountain, Ponte Sant’Angelo, and much, much more. ArtViva’s expert guides make history come alive and give entertaining and informative tours that will leave clients with memories to last a lifetime.

If clients wish to partecipate in Rome in One Glorious Day, the next stop after the Original Rome Walk is the Vatican Tour. Masterpieces of the Vatican and St.Peters is the 3.5 hour tour that takes you to the world famous collection of masterpieces that are centuries old. Highlights include: The Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo’s Dome, the Chiaramonti Collection, Stanza Rotonda, Raphael Rooms, Bramante’s Triple Gallery and more.

The Original Rome Walk and Masterpieces of the Vatican cost 50Euros each. If clients choose to participate in both Rome tours, we offer a special discount with the total package of Rome in One Glorious Day costing 90Euro. For a detailed list of all the famous sites visited on the tours, please visit ArtViva online.

All of ArtViva’s public Rome tours can also be taken as private tours for a more personal, enriching experience. Clients are encouraged to experience a private tour with their family or close friends while one of ArtViva’s renowned guides will regale them not only with Rome’s fascinating history, but also with stories and anecdotes not found in
history books at home.

ArtViva Walking Tours has been around for years- and they are all over the place. From Rick Steve's to Lonely Planet, to internet sites such as TripAdvisor, ArtViva tours are constantly being talked about. They are proud of providing excellent customer service, and offering entertaining, informative and fun tours, that leave a lasting impression. ArtViva- The Best and Original. For more information on Rome in One Glorious Day, please visit: http://www.italy.artviva.com/ or email us at: staff@artviva.com

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Backpack Joe said...

Interesting tours! Are there tours of the Vatican as well? We will be renting a vacation Apartment in Rome for our vacation. We used this nice list of Italian Vacation Apartments. So we plan to stay long since we saved some money by not staying at a hotel. I hope there are other tours within Rome? and do the tours transport you to Venice and Florence from Rome as well?