Monday, February 8, 2010

A Tuscan view...

This weekend, one of our office staffers ventured out into the heart of Tuscany, to take photos and view the gorgeous rolling hills and mountaintop towns.

If you asked any of us living in Florence, chances are we'll tell you the city is so amazing, with so many events, festivals and fun things to do, we sometimes forget to leave and explore all the beauty outside of the city!

But there's a reason Tuscany is world you can see from the photos. These were taken in San Gimignano. If you're visiting Italy this year, why not consider taking our Best of Tuscany Tour, which takes you into the heart of Tuscany to Siena, San Gimignano and Monteriggione. It includes a small group guarantee, a private driver and your own guide who will recount the fascinating history of the Tuscan area along the way. The guide will also be at your disposal to offer suggestions on what exactly you would like to see in each town- so whether you are looking for a view for photos, or some local wine shops, you will be fully informed. Once you arrive in each town, we'll give you time to explore on your own. A mouthwatering lunch and wine is included, at a special place only we know about. We guarantee this tour won't leave you disappointed.

*There are a few tour operators who offer a generic form of this tour, and we are often asked what is the difference between their tour and ours. ArtViva Walking Tours was the first tour operator to offer this tour in Florence. We are different because of the quality and group size of our tours. Our tour guides are mother-tongue English speakers who are extremely knowledgeable about the area. We also refuse to allow more than 14 people maximum per group- though usually the group size is much less. To ensure your spots are reserved, book now! If you're looking for a more exclusive tour, and wish to travel to Tuscany with your own personal guide, check out our private Best of Tuscany option.

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