Monday, February 1, 2010

Staff Picks: Restaurants you can't miss out on!

Ringo's is a little restaurant right across the river from us that we've all passed numerous times without giving it a second thought. Its dark tinted windows, flashy outdoor seating and little neon sign advertising hamburgers seemed a little out of place on Borgo San Jacopo, and a little too "diner-ish".

Then something strange happened. One of our bonafide and trusted "foodies" in the office noticed that there was a "SlowFood" sign on the door- this created quite the buzz in the office. SlowFood hamburgers? In Florence?

For those of you who are not aware, SlowFood is a movement that promotes cooking and serving food that is fresh and, well, not rushed. (For a better explanation, check out the SlowFood website Basically anything that is promoted by SlowFood is sure to be mouth watering good, fresh, and definitely something to write home about.

If you're visiting Il Bel Paese, and will be travelling around for a few weeks, chances are that as many yummy pasta dishes you try, you may eventually have a craving for some good ole home cooking burgers. (And for those of you that have been here for a while this is common!)

We decided immediately we had to try it out this little place- and spread the word on what these burgers were really like. Thanks to our office manager for volunteering, and giving us some mouth watering photos of a hamburger she described as a "one-in-a-million hamburger made with homemade ingredients."

But don't take our word for it...the photos speak for themselves. We will definitely be going back!
Ringo (Florentine owner of Ringo's) uses all fresh ingredients, and has a unique way of making his burgers. He uses the freshest meat and condiments, scoops out the bread on each bun, and fills the insides with his own special sauce. The hamburger is so mouth-watering delicious, and so filling, you won't need any sides!

So if this interests you, make sure to save the address: Ringos at Borgo San Jacopo, 19/r 50125.

**these are all honest and personal opinions of the staff at Walking Tours Staff and in no way advertisements to restaurants!**

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