Monday, February 8, 2010

Arriving In Italy?

What could be more wonderful than arriving home to Italy and being whisked away to the closest good restaurant for a ‘welcome back to Italy’ lunch?
The restaurant: Pasucci al Porticciolo, close to a tiny harbour near Fuimicino airport; Rome’s main airport. Porticciolo means small and pretty harbour.

This restaurant follows the Slow Food movement credo and holds Slow Food classes.

The region is the home of a movement to celebrate and protect a local delicacy called ‘Tellina’; a tasty small shellfish. Try the “calamari fritti in composta di arancia e cipolla” . It was creative and delicious. Lightly battered in a tempura like paste, the calamari cut in thin strips and served with a side sauce of red onion rings cooked in a reduced orange sauce.

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