Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Staff Picks: restaurants you can't miss out on

The staff here at ArtViva Walking tours has many common interests and passions: We are all expats, friends and co-workers who relish living in this amazing city. One shared interest that never seems to grow old (and is a constant source of conversation) is our search for great restaurants in the city and around the general area.
Each week we will be sharing a one of our personal picks. These are based on our food-and-wine loving backgrounds, everyday budget, atmosphere of the restaurant and personal experiences.
We hope you enjoy our picks as much as we do!

To start off this week, we suggest a restaurant that we all equally love, right in the middle of Florence. This gem of a restaurant has some of the freshest food, best wine and great appetizers and pasta plates. Coquinarius, located near the duomo on Via delle Ocche, is a great place to go even for a glass of wine and some yummy crostini. So if you're in the mood for excellent service, apetizers like cucumber and honey crostini, a great wine list and large selection of pasta and meat dishes to satisfy any palate, come here. Just make sure to reserve beforehand, as it is a small restaurant that is always packed.

For more info, contact, and reservations, click on the following link. Buon appetito!

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