Thursday, October 1, 2009

Trip Advisor Review: “What a wonderful Original Walking tour in Florence!”

"The Original Florence Walk tour was great!

It was wonderful to have our visit to Florence given such interesting context.

The story about the young woman in the Middle Ages & the Plague; the one about the attempted coup on the Medici brothers that took place in the Duomo.

I loved how carefully the guide pointed out to us the "redone" Piazza Republic (done over in the 19th century to be more "modern"), and the comments about the Strozzi Palace (where Strozzi ran out of money to complete it, and the purpose of the bench at the front), and all the other general architectural details on the buildings throughout the city (i.e., what those tiny windows were used for, or the hooks, or how the buildings tended to expand outwards, so bars were run through to strengthen them), comments about the Ponte Vecchio and Orsanmichele were great too. Tidbits about Donatello and other sculptors and artists were woven in nicely as well.

All in all, a lovely tour which helped us contextualize our visit to Florence. It was an especially good choice for my 16 year-old, whose patience with looking at just one painting and church after another had worn a touch thin at this point in the trip.

Just a great tour, I'd recommend it highly. The guide did an excellent job."

Trip Advisor Review from 20th September

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