Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Original and Best Gondola Tour

September and October in Italy are busy months, as all the hotspots are packed with fall-time travelers. If you are tired of being pushed and pulled around town in a large group, following your guide with his umbrella up in the air, then we may have the perfect alternative for you: Why not experience Italy as an Italian- Or better yet, as a Venetian? Become part of an intimate group, no larger than 11. Prepare to be amazed as you step into the gondola, and escape into a beautiful mysterious past that will engulf your senses and imagination, as you leave all the tourists behind.

ArtViva Walking Tours, based in Florence, Italy, is now opening up the tour world to a new amazing experience: TheOriginal and Best Gondola Tour. Learn about the real Venice, and the secrets she holds, through the eyes and ears of a Venetian Gondolier as he travels through the archipelago of this amazing city and enthrals you with tales of ancient rites, secret symbols, high drama, and colourful characters. This is no ordinary tour.

Undoubtedly on of the most famous cities in the world, Venice is known by many names. From La Serenissima (the most serene) Queen of the Adriatic, to City of Bridges, Light and Water, everyone agrees that there is a magnetic pull which brings millions of tourists every year to discover the magic of this misty city. Although there are certainly an abundance of walking tours around Venice, ArtViva provides a truly original and breathtaking experience so you can experience, sense and feel Venice like a true Venetian.

The Original and Best of Gondola Tour takes you through the mysterious, dauntingly beautiful archipelago, unlocking the city’s secrets as your personal gondolier navigates the canals and your own personal storyteller regales you with the city’s secrets. Leave the hordes of tourists and step into the enchanting world of narrow canals, beautiful ancient bridges and a history that will envelope and fascinate you. Learn about Venice’s ancient rites, secret symbols, history, and drama. Afterwords, we will take you by foot through the narrow canal streets, through the charming squares and finally show you a grand finale of St.Mark’s square. Bring your camera, and take photos, because friends back home will never believe what an amazing, sensory experience you’ve had.

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